Kawena Distributors Pty LTD / Kawena (SA) Lda

Kawena Distributors conducts a retail sales service throughout South Africa and a delivery service to its customers in Mozambique. The Kawena customer base is split into two types:

Duty free sales to approximately 40,000 contract workers on the country’s gold, platinum and coal mines as well as to contracted farm workers. The duty free sales are regulated by the Mozambique Customs Department, and as such require licensing from the Reserve Bank of South Africa, with Kawena currently being the ONLY authorized operator.

Duty paid sales to other Mozambican resident throughout South Africa. The duties are calculated into the selling price and paid across to Mozambique Customs on a monthly basis.

Kawena (SA) Lda is our Mozambique registered company and is the appointed agent in Mozambique for Kawena Distributors (Pty) Ltd and is responsible for the distribution of product to warehouses and the delivery/issue of purchases to Kawena’s customers.

In addition to the sales conducted from the company’s seven branches and agencies, a sales force in excess of 100 sales reps are deployed daily to a selection of over 150 sales points across the country’s mines, townships and other locations throughout South Africa.

A broad range of over 500 items are sold, comprising Commodities, groceries, beverages, building materials, hardware, toiletries, fuels and furniture. Products fall under two business categories:

Main List products stocked at every warehouse.

We offer a free home delivery services with a period between 7-12 days from date of order depending on warehouse location, if the items does not have a free home delivery we offer the customer an option of a paid delivery service at a minimal cost.

Kawena Distributors receives an annual authorization from the Reserve Bank that effectively recognizes the sales conducted as export sales and relieves the company from banking foreign proceeds. (Further authorities allow the company to transfer funds to Mozambique to pay for its operating expenses and procure stock in that country.)

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